Promoting Environmental Projects

Waste Management Projects and renewable sources

In Biogastur, we understand the design and implementation of projects, as a waste management global solution, as well as the appraisal of the different by-products obtained, ecological gas –Biogas-, electricity from renewable sources, thermal energy, reused so that there are no losses in the process, and also organic fertilizer.

Outreach Plant of the SYSTEMIC European Union Project

Systemic Horizon 2020

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About Us

Learn about who we are and who are part of our management as strategic and technical partners.

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Biogastur have offices in Madrid and in our biogas plant in Navia (Asturias). Contact us or visit us.

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Visit the Navia project through the interactive about our waste treatment plant.

We develop waste management global projects 

We are specialist in biogas plants for green energy and improve the organic waste management. Learn more about Biogas Plant in Navia, one of the largest renewable energy projects in Asturias.

Our Partners

Biogastur joins its effort with Central Lechera Asturiana, SAT, as an strategic partner, Lonjas Tecnología, SA as a technical partner. Gas&Go is our Partner in all related to CNG, mainly from renewable sources.

Strategic Partner

Technical Partner

CNG Technical Partner